Have you ever found yourself in a sexual encounter where one party works his ass off, or any other body part for that matter, and the other just sits there and enjoys the ride giving little to nothing in return? Now don’t get me wrong, this can be extremely hot and dandy if both parties agree beforehand on some sort of a master-slave role play, where one serves the other. It is, however, most certainly not OK when both expect enjoyment and one of them is, quite literally, left hanging!

One of these rather unsatisfying occurrences took place on a men-only night at Sameplace. The famous Amsterdam erotic lounge was not too busy that windy evening, although a couple private corners have already been enjoying some vigorous activity. Observing a few interesting characters roaming around the place, I ended up focusing my attention on a particular one throwing occasional flirtatious smirks in my direction. The guy was one of those hot “beautiful face/beautiful body” combinations. A smooth talker, he knew the correct words and phrases to use to arouse the interest between my legs. After a short chat in the smoking room, it was mutually understood that some fun was going to be had later.

Not long thereafter in the downstairs dungeon, indeed everything was happening smoothly. His dick was enjoying my mouth for quite some time as I was making every effort to make it hot: changing positions so that he could enjoy observing his “subject” (on my knees, with my head hanging off the edge of a play table, on my fours on a play bed), juggling around with different blowjob techniques (tongue tickle, fast suction, deep throat, ball pulling, etc.)......


July 1, 2015


It seems like when someone uses the word “ugly” for another person, oftentimes it’s meant to indicate how unattracted they are towards that person’s physical features. Face, eyes, nose, mouth, body shape, etc. is sufficient ground for dismissal should we decide it does not agree with our taste. And although I do not see anything abnormal about having things ...


It’s been said that there are no two people with the same handwriting, same fingerprints or same personality. And if that is true, then the chances that you will find someone who will one hundred percent match all of your sexual desires are nil! Read: he will always be into something you’re not into, and vice versa! Not talking radical stuff like ... 


“No Asians!,” “Black only!!!,” “Hairy Middle Eastern preferred,” etc. – sadly still a common occurrence when you read online profiles! I always like to tell a story about a guy from the Philippines, as Asian as they get, who, to my awkwardness, read a surprise on my face when I opened his underwear and saw a 20 cm, thick cock hiding in there. That was about ten ...


It is always exciting when you meet someone and it clicks just right that you know that sex is bound to happen. The confidence the person radiates while flirting tends to build a certain picture in your head that things will go just as sizzling hot after you cross the border from dressed to naked. And although it takes two to waltz, as half of the work technically depends on ...


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Those fellas who get everything and return nothing, lazily leaving their partner hanging.

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