It is remarkable how, since I moved to Amsterdam three years ago, I witnessed the closures of several gay places I had grown to like. Whether it’s poor business management or bad city policies, I will not sit and cry about it! Instead, I will take this opportunity to go and explore beyond our former gay Mecca. And I am glad that I do, because how else would I have found out about Steamworks in Arnhem? The huge four-storey sauna in the east of the country attracts visitors from Groningen to Limburg, from Germany to. . . Amsterdam: incidentally, I was not the only one from the capital visiting that afternoon!


A good-looking surprise entered the showers while I was cleansing myself before going to relax in the hammam. Having recognized the guy’s face after a brief acquaintance several months back – without clothes he looked as good as I had imagined him – I struck a flirty conversation! It was a matter of several minutes before we found each other again in the spacious play area. The passion with which he ripped my towel off and started tonguing me showed much promise before he flipped his legs into the air.....


December 14, 2016


It’s been said that there are no two people with the same handwriting, same fingerprints or same personality. And if that is true, then the chances that you will find someone who will one hundred percent match all of your sexual desires are nil! Read: he will always be into something you’re not into, and vice versa! Not talking radical stuff like extreme pain, ...


In a great saying “happiness is a journey, not a destination,” I would replace “happiness” with “pleasure” when I talk specifically about the naked body-to-body activity! When we get down to the dirty business of sex, it is supposed that the goal of the whole affair, after covering all the bases, is the big finish at the end. And although orgasm is indeed regarded as ...


Have you ever found yourself in a sexual encounter where one party works his ass off, or any other body part for that matter, and the other just sits there and enjoys the ride giving little to nothing in return? Now don’t get me wrong, this can be extremely hot and dandy if both parties agree beforehand on some sort of a master-slave role play, where one serves the other. 


It was one of those warm lazy summer days that I decided to skip the social activities and play it low key around my green and quiet Amsterdam West. Having spontaneously logged on to Scruff, I got a few “woofs,” one of which looked attractive with his face, stats and the unlocked private album. Having explicitly agreed as to who was “into” what ...


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