Giving vs. receiving, domination vs. submission, active vs. passive, whatever you like to call this form of interaction, will always be part of the physical intimacy. And since everyone has his own idea of either role, things might get a bit complicated as many people tend to reveal their interpretations at the most unguarded moment. Which is of a particular concern for those on the vulnerable end since there’s not much they can do to prevent unexpected surprises, if those fall beyond their comfort zone.

Lately when I bottom, I notice that some tops feel the need for an extra, and often unwarned, twist to seal their superiority. Reflecting on past experiences to pick a good example, it’s funny how in the middle of writing this article I went for a quick cruise to The Web. A gorgeous 33-year old Egyptian visitor caught my eye as we swiftly moved on to a dimly lit private space. Appropriately aggressive with his moves, he quickly turned me on to go down to serve his rock-hard cock.....


September 18, 2016


59 percent of men worldwide have ended a sexual relationship because their partner was a bad kisser, or so research says, meaning it outweighs all other intimate factors combined! A scary statistic, but one that makes perfect sense to me. Unfortunately, I’ve frequently experienced that people manage to turn this sweet and simple, but sexy act into ...


Every time the Almighty graces the Low Countries with a warm and sunny weather, I like to take advantage of it, especially towards the summer’s end, on the sands of Zandvoort beach. After a relaxing day at the North Sea shore one late-August weekend, I strolled back to the train station through the cruisy dunes to see what happens on the way. 


In a great saying “happiness is a journey, not a destination,” I would replace “happiness” with “pleasure” when I talk specifically about the naked body-to-body activity! When we get down to the dirty business of sex, it is supposed that the goal of the whole affair, after covering all the bases, is the big finish at the end. And although orgasm is indeed regarded as ...


Sex can be both good and bad for you. Good, if you do it right: a boost in mood, restful sleep afterwards, a more-or-less lasting relationship. Bad, if you don’t: unpleasantly painful experience, embarrassing accidents, a disease! Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing what you are doing. And yet most of the time it’s about wanting to know ...


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some tops feel the need for an extra, often unwarned, twist to seal their superiority