“A blowjob is not called a 'job' for nothing!” said once my female version, Ms. Samantha Jones. Sure enough, time after time, hook-up after hook-up, mouth after mouth, I’m beginning to realize that what appears to be a simple pleasure turns out to be a rather complicated science lesson. One that some unfortunately never seem to master.

It always takes me by surprise because, after a nice preview of some hot guy's mouth against my mouth, neck, nipples, belly, I expect a tasty icing on a cake, perhaps resulting in a tasty glazing on his face. But it falls disappointingly short due to most ridiculously underwhelming, uneducated, totally out-of-touch oral “techniques.” And I use that term with a lot of sarcasm because some dare call it just that: “techniques!” I am not sure which porn websites some guys watch or who they practice their “techniques” on, but hereby, I want to firmly point out: my penis is not the carpet dirt and your mouth is not a vacuum cleaner (I am talking industrial strength here!)......


I got the idea of writing this article after my dick, instead of being sucked on, was once, rather literally, sucked in by a hot southern European I met somewhere on Reguliersdwarsstraat. I am not sure how many megapascals that mouth applied on me, but judging by a large amount of red spots caused by broken blood vessels that appeared on my penis head right after, it was evident that I was looking at the aftereffect of the Mount Everest levels of suction force!


May 1, 2015


As much as I love my idyllic Mokum, I have to admit to being a sucker for a spontaneous hopping on a train and ending up somewhere semi-exotic. One lazy weekend this past summer, it was Antwerp Centraal. After a scenic stroll through the medieval streets and a delicious lunch, I thought my Belgian mini-escape would not be complete without ...


When we say “active” or “passive,” inadvertently do we mean “top” or “bottom,” respectively. Without always thinking that a bottom can also play the active version of his role and take charge, many assume that it’s exclusively up to the top to make the experience pleasant. Whether giving a break to the hard working top or simply preferring the “cowboy” ...


When we score a hot person, be it outside or inside the bedroom, there is nothing unusual about wanting to impress them with the best moves we’ve got! It’s always fun during the play to not only observe the partner’s reaction but also to discover your own talents as you experiment to make it more interesting. And yet since showing your inventiveness is ...


It is always exciting when you meet someone and it clicks just right that you know that sex is bound to happen. The confidence the person radiates while flirting tends to build a certain picture in your head that things will go just as sizzling hot after you cross the border from dressed to naked. And although it takes two to waltz, as half of the work technically depends on ...


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"A blowjob is not called a 'job' for nothing!"

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