Having arrived in the fabulous Kingdom of the Netherlands after more than a decade spent in the very conservative Manhattan, where staff in cruising bars can expel you for the “inappropriate” behavior or where the police can jail you for a blowjob in a park, I have felt quite some liberation of the universal accessibility to sex anytime anywhere. Eagle, Drake’s, Dirty Dicks, Cuckoo’s Nest, The Web, Club Church, etc. provide more than enough space and opportunity to fuck around with any type, size and shape of men that one can possibly think of. And yet, since even the highest value coin has two opposite sides, that very universal accessibility does not come without its own flaws.

After over a couple years in Amsterdam, I came to realize that unlimited access to public sex creates for many men a wrong picture of everything being allowed literally, without any limits or common sense restraint. It just so happened that one too many times I have been grabbed, pulled, or otherwise stalked, sometimes by the same person, several times in a row, after giving a clear non-verbal, and then eventually verbal, signal that I was not interested.....


March 1, 2016


Giving vs. receiving, domination vs. submission, active vs. passive, whatever you like to call this form of interaction, will always be part of the physical intimacy. And since everyone has his own idea of either role, things might get a bit complicated as many people tend to reveal their interpretations at the most unguarded moment. Which is of a particular concern for those...


In a great saying “happiness is a journey, not a destination,” I would replace “happiness” with “pleasure” when I talk specifically about the naked body-to-body activity! When we get down to the dirty business of sex, it is supposed that the goal of the whole affair, after covering all the bases, is the big finish at the end. And although orgasm is indeed ...


Sex can be both good and bad for you. Good, if you do it right: a boost in mood, restful sleep afterwards, a more-or-less lasting relationship. Bad, if you don’t: unpleasantly painful experience, embarrassing accidents, a disease! Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing what you are doing. And yet most of the time it’s about wanting to know what, or whom, you are doing! But how ...


Of all the tempting situations to get involved with someone intimately, workplace seems to be one of the more popular ones! It is not uncommon that communicating with someone on a regular basis in a familiar environment can help spark a more personal interest. Being related by similar backgrounds and connected with the same work activities ...


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If someone withdraws himself or pushes your hand away, keep away!