The Low Countries, the best place to realize some of the wildest man-on-man fantasies. The fact that the Netherlands and Belgium are the pioneers of the same-sex marriage leads one to conclude how comfortable it is to be who you are and do what you want in this geographic area. 


For me personally, these two countries combined also make up the world’s #1 hot people’s place! Having travelled around a little bit, I can’t help but confide the fact that in the cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Antwerp, I could quickly drop my pants for a good 65 percent of the male population – compared to a mere 10 percent in New York, for example.

Handsome faces, athletic bodies, great hair, et cetera, et cetera. The opportunities for a good sexy time are too abundant, too available and too easy for too many people! To have your cock sucked, mouth fucked or ass rimmed, you don’t really need to make a big effort, just flip through the ads of any local gay magazine.

And yet on the flip side, it does not come without its own disadvantages. Several times during the past winter, for example, I have sought a warm refuge under the wings of Eagle, one of Amsterdam’s well-known cruising bars. Walking through the dimly-lit downstairs maze one of those lonely evenings, it was still possible to see how good-looking and well-built the object of my attention was. But not really much else! Horny enough to go for it, I got the adrenaline rush: the blood vessels started expanding in my private parts as soon as he started unzipping my jeans, pulling my T-shirt off, rubbing his firm hand against my face, chest, stomach, back. . . I was ready for it, so I let him go further down with his finger. 


As I let him slide it in, instead of a soft fingertip, it felt more like a sharp needle scratching the outer layers off my anus, both on the outside and the inside. Resolutely, I pulled his finger out of me just to confirm my suspicions. Yep, there he was, almost surgically cutting me with his almost half-a-centimeter long goddamned fingernail! Having, for a second, imagined how many rear ends this finger had entered that night, how many bacterial compounds had been ganging up under that long nail, I decided to zip up my pants and continue cruising!

The fact that it was not the first or the second, or even the third time – you get the picture – a hot guy from Amsterdam was hygienically challenged, makes me confront the following sad paradox. The awesome fact that the sex opportunities are only too available here seems to lead many men to skip on the essentials of the personal grooming, often relying on their good looks alone, or perhaps trying to seem more "manly."

Not taking care of the hygiene basics does not (!) make you more “masculine!” It makes you come across sloppy, unkempt and unattractive – as soon as your sex object starts exploring beyond your beautiful face and body, that is. It kills any desire to go any further with you, to app you the next day, to have a drink, or to even ask for your name. So guys, for a start, please consider cutting those nails before nailing. I thank you from the bottom of my bottom.


April 1, 2015


Giving vs. receiving, domination vs. submission, active vs. passive, whatever you like to call this form of interaction, will always be part of the physical intimacy. And since everyone has his own idea of either role, things might get a bit complicated as many people tend to reveal their interpretations at the most unguarded moment. Which is of a particular concern ...


Every time the Almighty graces the Low Countries with a warm and sunny weather, I like to take advantage of it, especially towards the summer’s end, on the sands of Zandvoort beach. After a relaxing day at the North Sea shore one late-August weekend, I strolled back to the train station through the cruisy dunes to see what happens on the way. 


It seems like when someone uses the word “ugly” for another person, oftentimes it’s meant to indicate how unattracted they are towards that person’s physical features. Face, eyes, nose, mouth, body shape, etc. is sufficient ground for dismissal should we decide it does not agree with our taste. And although I do not see anything abnormal about having things that give you ...


Having arrived in the fabulous Kingdom of the Netherlands after more than a decade spent in the very conservative Manhattan, where staff in cruising bars can expel you for the “inappropriate” behavior or where the police can jail you for a blowjob in a park, I have felt quite some liberation of the universal accessibility to sex anytime anywhere. 


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not taking care of the hygiene basics does not make you more "masculine"!