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One of the world’s renowned fashion designers Tom Ford said a while back that every man should be penetrated at least once. In today’s culture, where the words like “manly” and “strong” carry a positive undertone while “feminine” and “weak” are a scornful taboo, Mr. Ford’s statement may raise a few eyebrows. The idea of someone biologically designed to penetrate allowing himself to be penetrated is repellent to those for whom the penetrator is synonymous with the provider of the house and the protector of the family – somebody to rely on, somebody to be afraid of. In other words, if you have a dick, you can’t be weak! 

And yet since Mother Nature flipped the middle finger to cultural norms creating all of us equal with a standard set of emotional and behavioral patterns, no matter how strong and assertive we like to be, no one is a stranger to wanting to be taken care of by handing the control over to someone else, especially in the moments of stress! Intimacy is one such situation where not only do we bare our fantasies but also our bodies out on display, so exercising such vulnerability during sex is a good way for our emotional and physical sensitivities to achieve the desired release! 

In the past several months missing in action of writing the articles, I dedicated a great deal of my time and energy to drawing the illustrations for my first book. What I had initially thought a fun thing to do has ended up being a whole new skill to learn and to perfect. Having put a lot of my social interactions on hold, I spent most of the free time with a sketchpad, and later with a new iPad and the magical Apple pencil. Drawing abstract lines of the same thickness to show a human body in action while conveying the gist of a story became a challenging task. Sketching over and over, unhappy with results, drawing something new often made me doubt my abilities and therefore the very point of doing it at all. The feeling of my stress level cranked up to the point of anxiety was the sign that I needed to take a short break and allow myself some fun. 


Having logged on to my long-dormant PlanetRomeo account, horny to worship a hot body with my mouth, I funneled the profile grid down in search of a dominant alpha in need of using a flesh. Chatting with a few of those types for a couple days, I picked the hottest and the most willing one, who also happened to have the biggest cock of the bunch. Not wanting to prolong the planning for much longer I found myself kneeling naked on the floor of an Amsterdam Canal Ring houseboat the following afternoon. First letting me slowly work on his front genitalia, he raised one leg to let me pass from underneath via his scrotum and perineum to his anus with my lips and tongue. Happy with my oral skills, the bald muscular daddy next ordered me to suck his toes before he positioned me on all fours on top of his bed. What followed was a two-hour long session of pounding me from every angle, which left my anus blissfully sore and my general mood. . . content, if not lifted for the rest of the day. Biking back home, one thought struck me: not a single negative thought went through my head as I was enjoying the aftereffect of an intense prostate massage performed with a human organ whose shape and size is perfect for the task.

A good doctor-prescribed treatment should aim to reach the culprit at its core, which, once taken care of, ensures that the rest of the body gets relief. Given that the anal and the prostate areas have a multitude of nervous endings, targeting to stimulate these sensitive parts could only enhance the effect of oxytocin, responsible for trust and intimacy, and endorphins, for pain and stress relief – the hormones released during sex! 

The shame of being vulnerable or feeling dominated is a general concern for many men: what will people think if they find out? And yet since your bedroom is your private space, nobody else, besides the parties involved, has to know what happens there. So it is only up to you to decide what’s more important: to be happy the way someone told you or to be happy the way you like it yourself!


October 30, 2018

not a single negative thought went through my head as I was enjoying the aftereffect of an intense prostate massage


Just like people, penises come in different shapes and sizes. From longer to shorter, from curved up to curved to the side, from thick to thin, etc. Once we’ve accepted Mother Nature’s gift – as average, humongous or small as it may be − we need to learn how to make proper use of it.


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