When we say “active” or “passive,” inadvertently do we mean “top” or “bottom,” respectively. Without always thinking that a bottom can also play the active version of his role and take charge, many assume that it’s exclusively up to the top to make the experience pleasant. Whether giving a break to the hard working top or simply preferring the “cowboy” or “reverse cowboy” positions as part of the sex game, it can be a huge turn-on when the bottom gets on top and literally works his ass off showing his dick riding skills. And yet in the process, some bottoms can get lost in pleasuring themselves so much that they may forget how it feels for the tops.

A recent experience in my second favorite Dutch city of Rotterdam, with a gorgeous Caribbean couple in their 20’s, made me to write about this as it was not the first, or the second, time that my dick has been handled in an ignorantly uncareful way. After almost every possible intercourse position the three of us tried that evening – 369, oral train, spit roasting, anal train, etc. – it was the time for one of those muscular Greek god bodies to mount my member for a nice ride. 


And as I was just beginning to enjoy the view of his bubble ass jumping up and down on top of me, not even half a minute passed that my dick started getting crushed by not so much his weight or the bouncing force but more by the wrong moving trajectory! Trying to correct the situation by directing him with my hands or repositioning my body was in vain as the guy kept to his movements not realizing how much he was hurting me. Without further ado, I had no choice but flip him into the doggy style as the “power bottom” role was clearly not written for him.

When riding a top, the bottom must keep in mind that it’s his entire body against a much smaller, vulnerable piece of flesh. Jumping with full force without minding the penis curve (everyone’s got a unique one) can not only end the party soon after it started, but also cause physical damage to the guy’s manhood. Slow and careful are the key words while finding the correct angle for both, before getting wild at it. Reposition your body or hold on to something to get a better movement control while taking him for a ride. And always remember that riding carefully can get you quite far! 


February 1, 2016


It is always exciting when you meet someone and it clicks just right that you know that sex is bound to happen. The confidence the person radiates while flirting tends to build a certain picture in your head that things will go just as sizzling hot after you cross the border from dressed to naked. And although it takes two to waltz, as half of the work technically depends on ...


Friday night. Club Church. (Z)onderbroek ("no pants") party. Mezzanine area. I’m leaning against the mirror wall of a busy upstairs, watching others go at it on benches, slings and couches. I make an eye contact with a handsome thirtysomething, who is slowly moving in my direction. A few gropes and smooches later, I complete a 180-degree ...


When we score a hot person, be it outside or inside the bedroom, there is nothing unusual about wanting to impress them with the best moves we’ve got! It’s always fun during the play to not only observe the partner’s reaction but also to discover your own talents as you experiment to make it more interesting. And yet since showing your inventiveness is mostly about letting them ...


As much as I love my idyllic Mokum, I have to admit to being a sucker for a spontaneous hopping on a train and ending up somewhere semi-exotic. One lazy weekend this past summer, it was Antwerp Centraal. After a scenic stroll through the medieval streets and a delicious lunch, I thought my Belgian mini-escape would not be complete without something ...


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Slow and careful are the keywords while finding the correct angle for both, before getting wild at it!