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One of the world’s renowned fashion designers Tom Ford said a while back that every man should be penetrated at least once. In today’s culture, where the words like “manly” and “strong” carry a positive undertone while “feminine” and “weak” are a scornful taboo, Mr. Ford’s statement may raise a few eyebrows. The idea of someone biologically designed to penetrate allowing himself to be penetrated is repellent to those for whom the penetrator is synonymous with the provider of the house and the protector of the family – somebody to rely on, somebody to be afraid of. In other words, if you have a dick, you can’t be weak! 

When I look back at my work history, starting from the post graduation jobs up to the very present time, there is one thing that seems to be consistent throughout: I have never been fired from a single paying gig but I have been viciously screwed over by the people for whom I provided services for free! The-employee-of-the-month recognitions, the random appreciation gifts, the heart-warming good-bye parties is what I regularly saw from the people who remunerated me, on time, for the work I tried to excel in by putting all of my heart and soul into! And yet for the same amount of diligence, effort and dedication for my volunteer work, all I often ended up ...


In the light of the recent witch-hunt, I cannot help but reflect on my own experiences to try to weigh in on the heavily publicized topic, known to the wide audience as #MeToo! Not giving it much significance initially – another sex scandal, another vile scum, another sucker victim (pun intended) – I sat back and watched the shit bubble explode when its stink somehow reached my own little personal space! The uneasy feeling has made me look back at the presented opportunities to participate in the real-life sexual charades, which I declined not believing in the shortcuts through the bedroom.


In 2006, AOL has released a database of search terms where it was shown that the most common word next to the word “fetish” was “feet.” And according to a fetish study from Bologna University, it was concluded that 47% of the respondents preferred feet and toes to other non-sexual objects of worship. Whether or not due to the fact that the sensory neurons for feet and genitals are adjacent in our brain, most of the people whose feet I touched using my hands, my lips or my tongue have provided a positive feedback, whether during or after the process!


An amazing Scandinavian drama, like they usually are, The Hunt about a man wrongfully accused of molesting a child has received numerous accolades around the world. A kindergartener invents a story about the teacher she has a crush on, and as a result, the life of an innocent man turns into an enduring hell he ends up going through living in a small community where everyone knows everyone. 

Very few things are more disgusting to me than unsolicited sexual propositions to someone in no physical or mental ...


It is no revelation that the vast array of the products designed to stimulate, enhance or aid the intimate experience has been known to man since the man existed. The sales of the provocative clothing, objects looking like human body parts, body accessories, among many others, bring millions in revenue for the adult merchandise industry, which will never go out of business! And although the goal of such products is to spice things up, one must be mindful of the product’s technicality, since, as sexy as it may feel for one, it may render impractical and inappropriate for the other.




In a recent study among the British youth between the ages of nineteen and twenty-five, 49% of the participants declared their sexuality as "other than heterosexual." Hearing how many people realize their homosexual tendencies well beyond the age of 25, I cannot help but assume that the other 51% effectively shrinks as people grow older. And if that's true, the general picture becomes consistent with the American biologist Alfred Kinsey’s study from 1940’s. The chart he created based on respondents’ sexual preferences from exclusively homo- to exclusively heterosexual is curiously evenly distributed!


It seems like when someone uses the word “ugly” for another person, oftentimes it’s meant to indicate how unattracted they are towards that person’s physical features. Face, eyes, nose, mouth, body shape, etc. is sufficient ground for dismissal should we decide it does not agree with our taste. And although I do not see anything abnormal about having things that give you the initial hard-on or soft-on, it takes me a bit deeper analysis of a person to discard them into the “ugly” trash can, if that’s where they belong!

When we score a hot person, be it outside or inside the bedroom, there is nothing unusual about wanting to impress them with the best moves we’ve got! It’s always fun during the play to not only observe the partner’s reaction but also to discover your own talents as you experiment to make it more interesting. And yet since showing your inventiveness is mostly about letting them know how “good” you are in bed, things may turn unpleasant while being caught up in feeding your ego if you know little about the human body! 


Of all the tempting situations to get involved with someone intimately, workplace seems to be one of the more popular ones! It is not uncommon that communicating with someone on a regular basis in a familiar environment can help spark a more personal interest. Being related by similar backgrounds and connected with the same work activities can build certain expectations, especially if the person is charming, engaging and, above all, your type! And yet it is those exact expectations that can lead to wrong steps, which in turn can lead to unpleasant consequences.



Slow and careful are the key words while finding the correct angle for both, before getting wild at it

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