When we score a hot person, be it outside or inside the bedroom, there is nothing unusual about wanting to impress them with the best moves we’ve got! It’s always fun during the play to not only observe the partner’s reaction but also to discover your own talents as you experiment to make it more interesting. And yet since showing your inventiveness is mostly about letting them know how “good” you are in bed, things may turn unpleasant while being caught up in feeding your ego if you know little about the human body! 

It’s a rude surprise when it begins beautifully but ends ugly. A recent Macho Sauna experience in Brussels springs to mind. An in-shape Italian gentleman in his forties whom I had initially made out with at La Demence had been lurking through the mazes of the busy gay spa’s upstairs the next afternoon. Having hardly found an available private cabin, it was a relief from a busy party the night before to feel a naked flesh in a relaxed atmosphere! The kissing, the sucking, the rimming was a proper warm-up as he continued on to gently open me up from behind. I didn’t want it to stop as we switched from doggy to scissors to cowboy. 

And yet right after he flipped me into the missionary position, things turned rapidly the wrong way around...


February 18, 2017


When we say “active” or “passive,” inadvertently do we mean “top” or “bottom,” respectively. Without always thinking that a bottom can also play the active version of his role and take charge, many assume that it’s exclusively up to the top to make the experience pleasant. Whether giving a break to the hard working top or simply preferring the “cowboy” or “reverse cowboy” ...


It is always exciting when you meet someone and it clicks just right that you know that sex is bound to happen. The confidence the person radiates while flirting tends to build a certain picture in your head that things will go just as sizzling hot after you cross the border from dressed to naked. And although it takes two to waltz, as half of the work technically depends on you, it’s always a bummer ...


Friday night. Club Church. (Z)onderbroek ("no pants") party. Mezzanine area. I’m leaning against the mirror wall of a busy upstairs, watching others go at it on benches, slings and couches. I make an eye contact with a handsome thirtysomething, who is slowly moving in my direction. A few gropes and smooches later, I complete a 180-degree turn ...


Of the sexual practices that fall into the category of “kink” (things involving a bit more than fucking and sucking), in my experience, the pleasurable pain still seems to be a poorly explored territory by many. The wide array of the sex shop merchandise in De Wallen had a sales boost, I’m sure, after that silly Fifty Shades movie. But the unfortunate is now that ...


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No kind of unexpected force is pleasant if the partner is visibly enjoying his relaxed mode

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