An amazing Scandinavian drama, like they usually are, The Hunt about a man wrongfully accused of molesting a child has received numerous accolades around the world. A kindergartener invents a story about the teacher she has a crush on, and as a result, the life of an innocent man turns into an enduring hell he ends up going through living in a small community where everyone knows everyone. 

Very few things are more disgusting to me than unsolicited sexual propositions to someone in no physical or mental state to reciprocate. And yet since “coming of age” as defined by law does not necessarily correspond to the actual coming of age on an individual basis, things can really go south for the victim if the actual predator is not the one you think.


An uncomfortable occurrence of sorts has taken place once during a trip to Montreal – a favorite foreign getaway while I lived in the States. As European as you can get in North America, the biggest French-Canadian city has a great nightlife, and Cabaret Mado was one place I thought fun to visit. Famous for its elaborate drag performances, the place turns into a busy pop music dance club after the shows are over! Buzzed but not drunk, I was approached by a beautiful young man to share the fun and dance with. Somewhere between Aretha Franklin and Cher, the guy advanced further in my direction and started kissing me....


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July 14, 2017

things can go south for the victim if the actual predator is not the one you think


“Emotions are all we got!” That was the last phrase of Harvey Keitel’s character in Youthbefore he jumped from a balcony to his death betrayed by a bitch he had admired, played by Jane Fonda. 

The more I talk about the physical part of intimacy in my articles, the more I realize how much I must chip in my two cents about the big ...


In the light of the recent witch-hunt, I cannot help but reflect on my own experiences to try to weigh in on the heavily publicized topic, known to the wide audience as #MeToo! Not giving it much significance initially – another sex scandal, another vile scum, another sucker victim (pun intended) – I sat back and watched the shit bubble explode when its ...


Sex can be both good and bad for you. Good, if you do it right: a boost in mood, restful sleep afterwards, a more-or-less lasting relationship. Bad, if you don’t: unpleasantly painful experience, embarrassing accidents, a disease! Sometimes it’s a matter of knowing what you are doing. And yet most of the time it’s about wanting to know what, or whom, you are doing! But how do ...


Having arrived in the fabulous Kingdom of the Netherlands after more than a decade spent in the very conservative Manhattan, where staff in cruising bars can expel you for the “inappropriate” behavior or where the police can jail you for a blowjob in a park, I have felt quite some liberation of the universal accessibility to sex anytime anywhere.


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