“No Asians!,” “Black only!!!,” “Hairy Middle Eastern preferred,” etc. – sadly still a common occurrence when you read online profiles! I always like to tell a story about a guy from the Philippines, as Asian as they get, who, to my awkwardness, read a surprise on my face when I opened his underwear and saw a 20 cm, thick cock hiding in there. That was about ten years ago when I lived in New York and used to attend private underwear parties once in a while. 

I was in my early twenties when I had just moved to the big city after finishing college to explore everything it had to offer, and maybe to find that “perfect” lean and dark haired Italianish type of guy, one of the “popular” types both in the gay crowd and in pop culture. The idea of dating a guy who looks like that was very attractive to me. Imagining appearing in public with someone that everyone is into, sharing both horny and innocent times with that dreamed-up hot guy became a subconscious fixation. So inadvertently, I had enclosed myself inside the bubble of thinking that any physical type besides “my type” wouldn’t be hot! Young, inexperienced, uneducated in life, in short – stupid, carelessly, I used to throw around the remarks like “I don’t do black” or “not into Asians” left and right, online or among people I knew. Some cheered me on, some laughed it off, others gave me awkward looks. 


Nobody told me that I sounded like an idiot until one night when I found myself in bed fucking one hot African-American visitor from Florida in the ass for a couple hours. And then another time, having a versatile 69 fun with a Jamaican-born singer. And then another time, with, yes, that very Filipino with a 20 cm cock. I ate my own words! 

An American sex columnist Dan Savage wrote once about the Karmic Rule of Kink: “If you’ve dumped an honest foot fetishist, chances are you will end up with a dishonest necrophiliac.” If you do not believe in karma, read up on Newton’s Third Law: for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction! Some might argue that a scientific law has nothing to do with interpersonal behaviors, yet I respectfully beg to differ as I’ve seen the formula work every time, with an immediate or delayed effect, to a greater or a lesser degree, with myself and with other people. Which makes me a firm believer that, the next time you choose to be rude enough to share with the world (without the world asking you) how much you are “not into Asians,” chances are that you will find yourself hopelessly drooling over some hunky Chinese muscular wrester with a hot manly face, a nice cock and a juicy ass. He is going to take pleasure of tricking you into falling in love with him, and then dumping you for another Chinese muscular wrestler, leaving you frustrated and emptied, and more hilariously, wanting for more!


December 1, 2015


In a recent study among the British youth between the ages of nineteen and twenty-five, 49% of the participants declared their sexuality as "other than heterosexual." Hearing how many people realize their homosexual tendencies well beyond the age of 25, I cannot help but assume that the other 51% effectively shrinks as people grow older. 


Of all the tempting situations to get involved with someone intimately, workplace seems to be one of the more popular ones! It is not uncommon that communicating with someone on a regular basis in a familiar environment can help spark a more personal interest. Being related by similar backgrounds and connected with the same work activities can ...


When I look back at my work history, starting from the post graduation jobs up to the very present time, there is one thing that seems to be consistent throughout: I have never been fired from a single paying gig but I have been viciously screwed over by the people for whom I provided services for free! The-employee-of-the-month recognitions, the random appreciation gifts ...


An amazing Scandinavian drama, like they usually are, The Hunt about a man wrongfully accused of molesting a child has received numerous accolades around the world. A kindergartener invents a story about the teacher she has a crush on, and as a result, the life of an innocent man turns into an enduring hell he ends up going through living in a ...


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"If you've dumped an honest foot fetishist, chances are you will end up with a dishonest necrophiliac"