It insults my intelligence to know that yearly 1,000 people contract HIV in a country first to let gays marry, sex workers work legally and drugs be sold in stores. It was equally as baffling to have been told by GGD, the Dutch health department, that the PrEP trial reserve list was so long that it made no sense to get on it. An HIV-negative male, I am frustrated that a mid-19th century rubber invention is the only way to keep me safe in 2016 when I still don’t know what meat-to-meat feels like. 

Oops, I stand corrected! Once I did have a fortunate misfortune to feel a man’s cock inside the way it should. Equipped with multiple packs of condoms and, idiotically, not a single one of lube, too horny for words I gave the green light to a hot blond bearded top I had met in Taboo Bar. Particularly horny for bottoming that evening, it didn’t take me long to flip my legs up in the air after all the foreplay basics were covered. But it was when he inserted his big beautiful cock into my desperate hole that it turned out that neither mine nor his saliva were thick enough to facilitate a smooth entry. . . except I realized what had happened a little too late.....



July 1, 2016


It is no revelation that the vast array of the products designed to stimulate, enhance or aid the intimate experience has been known to man since the man existed. The sales of the provocative clothing, objects looking like human body parts, body accessories, among many others, bring millions in revenue for the adult merchandise industry, which ...


Drugs have been around for as long as we have been around and it is no secret that sex is a common situation where people resort to various stimulants to elevate the experience. I will not reveal anything new by mentioning that upon inhaling or ingesting certain substances, the sweetness of the intercourse multiplies: the smells get stronger, the motions ...


The Low Countries, the best place to realize some of the wildest man-on-man fantasies. The fact that the Netherlands and Belgium are the pioneers of the same-sex marriage leads one to conclude how comfortable it is to be who you are and do what you want in this geographic area. 


For me personally, ...


Every time the Almighty graces the Low Countries with a warm and sunny weather, I like to take advantage of it, especially towards the summer’s end, on the sands of Zandvoort beach. After a relaxing day at the North Sea shore one late-August weekend, I strolled back to the train station through the cruisy dunes to see what happens on the way. Sure enough ...


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