It is no revelation that the vast array of the products designed to stimulate, enhance or aid the intimate experience has been known to man since the man existed. The sales of the provocative clothing, objects looking like human body parts, body accessories, among many others, bring millions in revenue for the adult merchandise industry, which will never go out of business! And although the goal of such products is to spice things up, one must be mindful of the product’s technicality, since, as sexy as it may feel for one, it may render impractical and inappropriate for the other.

True and known is the fact that cock rings are primarily designed to keep the blood inside the penis shaft so it stays hard for as long as possible. Looking back however at several, unconnected, experiences in the past, it has involuntarily occurred to me that not every type of cock ring is appropriate for every sexual activity. A huge fan of giving oral that I am, I was more than willing to get on my knees as soon as they firmly put their hand on my head – the universal signal when someone wants to get blown. 


I savored every inch of their beautifully shaped, deliciously smelling and tasting members until the moment, that is, that they shoved it deeper into my throat. The thick monolithic metal ring band that tightly clasped their penis and ballsack together was ominously knocking against my front teeth with each thrust, not so much preventing me from taking it all the way in but rather raising a great concern for keeping my dental system safe. Not ready to fritter away my hard earned euros on a new set of teeth, trying to safely continue the blowjob, I first encircled the penis girth placing my thumb and index finger between the hefty piece of metal and my gentle incisors. And yet the thought that I was not enjoying the cock the way I wanted ended up overpowering my desire to continue.

The combination of aesthetics and functionality is what attracts some to wear the metallic body accessories for private, or public, occasions. The shiny finish and the slick funky shapes not only do a fine job decorating and accentuating the parts to which they are attached but also aid and add to the pleasure of the intercourse. It is however the lack of proper research that tends to result in awkward encounters, which may lead, in a best-case scenario, to calling off the date and in the worst case – directly to the emergency room! So, if you need to keep your hard-on and decorate your manhood at the same time, considering alternative options like adjustable leather or stretchy rubber cock rings might present a much safer solution should it come “down” to it!


December 19, 2017

The thick monolithic metal ring band was ominously knocking against my front teeth


Of the sexual practices that fall into the category of “kink” (things involving a bit more than fucking and sucking), in my experience, the pleasurable pain still seems to be a poorly explored territory by many. The wide array of the sex shop merchandise in De Wallen had a sales boost, I’m sure, after that silly Fifty Shades movie. But the unfortunate is ...


“A blowjob is not called a 'job' for nothing!” said once my female version, Ms. Samantha Jones. Sure enough, time after time, hook-up after hook-up, mouth after mouth, I’m beginning to realize that what appears to be a simple pleasure turns out to be a rather complicated science lesson. One that some unfortunately never seem to master.


Every time the Almighty graces the Low Countries with a warm and sunny weather, I like to take advantage of it, especially towards the summer’s end, on the sands of Zandvoort beach. After a relaxing day at the North Sea shore one late-August weekend, I strolled back to the train station through the cruisy dunes to see what happens on the way.


The Low Countries, the best place to realize some of the wildest man-on-man fantasies. The fact that the Netherlands and Belgium are the pioneers of the same-sex marriage leads one to conclude how comfortable it is to be who you are and do what you want in this geographic area. 


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