In a great saying “happiness is a journey, not a destination,” I would replace “happiness” with “pleasure” when I talk specifically about the naked body-to-body activity! When we get down to the dirty business of sex, it is supposed that the goal of the whole affair, after covering all the bases, is the big finish at the end. And although orgasm is indeed regarded as the highest point we all want to reach, oftentimes, it tends to put a certain stress when we are being pressured to get to it! 

It is frustrating beyond belief when the pressing happens at the most vulnerable moments, e.g. when you are close to orgasm but can’t quite reach it. One hot half-Dutch half-Turkish item from the neighboring Amsterdam Osdorp used to come to my place for a while. The beautifully shaped, semi-hairy derriere of his early-30’s physique felt and smelled so arousing that I couldn’t help pounding it hard and long making him moan and cum so hard it almost hit the wall. And yet when it was my turn to cum, it was a different story....


October 20, 2016


It is remarkable how, since I moved to Amsterdam three years ago, I witnessed the closures of several gay places I had grown to like. Whether it’s poor business management or bad city policies, I will not sit and cry about it! Instead, I will take this opportunity to go and explore beyond our former gay Mecca. And I am glad that I do, because ...


It was one of those warm lazy summer days that I decided to skip the social activities and play it low key around my green and quiet Amsterdam West. Having spontaneously logged on to Scruff, I got a few “woofs,” one of which looked attractive with his face, stats and the unlocked private album. Having explicitly agreed as to who was “into” what ...


Have you ever found yourself in a sexual encounter where one party works his ass off, or any other body part for that matter, and the other just sits there and enjoys the ride giving little to nothing in return? Now don’t get me wrong, this can be extremely hot and dandy if both parties agree beforehand on some sort of a master-slave role play, where one serves the other. 


“A blowjob is not called a 'job' for nothing!” said once my female version, Ms. Samantha Jones. Sure enough, time after time, hook-up after hook-up, mouth after mouth, I’m beginning to realize that what appears to be a simple pleasure turns out to be a rather complicated science lesson. One that some unfortunately never seem to master.


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